VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

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VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

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Highly efficient in large environments> PureFlow removes up to 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 500 m³ / h or 17658 cu.ft per hour, it cleans surfaces up to 60 m²/645 sq.ft three times one hour.

True Class 13 HEPA filter technology> The 3-stage combined filter system consists of a prefilter, an improved HEPA filter, and a honeycomb-activated carbon filter that effectively captures and eliminates impurities. With alerts in the app / on display, you know when the filter needs to be replaced (filter life up to 12 months with 6-7 hours of daily use). Replacement filters are available in a short time.

Very smart> As soon as it connects to the Wi-Fi network, PureFlow is ready to use immediately. Please turn on and off Siri (Apple HomeKit), Alexa, or Google by voice control the PureFlow, increase or decrease the performance or control the air quality (PM2.5), temperature, and humidity in real-time. Use the VOCOLinc app to view air quality, temperature and humidity reports in real time

Highly transparent> With the large 5.1-inch LED display, you can easily recognize every value and every notification of PureFlow, even from a certain distance. The LED strip directly below the display uses different colors to show the room's air quality. Excellent (green); good (light green); oc (yellow); low (orange); bad (red)

Comprehensive all-day protection> Dual vent design captures harmful gases and particles from all angles and carries clean air through the top vent. With industry-leading noise isolation technology, the PureFlow keeps the noise level in sleep mode at just 30dB. This quiet operation offers high-quality sleep with clean air. So PureFlow protects day and night from harmful substances.

Keep Your Health in Check

Air pollution is ubiquitous and breaks through our body's defenses, penetrating our respiratory and circulatory systems and damaging our health.

VOCOlinc smart air purifiers give you peace of mind. The all-in-one filter set combines a 3-stage filtration system to remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Improve the air quality in your home and give you a healthy and clean breathing environment.

Customer Reviews

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TC Pro
Zeer tevreden

Snelle levering. Het apparaat anticipeert direct zodra de lucht verandert. Makkelijk te lezen en te bedienen met de app.

Alexandr Ledvinka

Thank you for all products,fast delivery snd support

mazing!! Clears air in minutes

This air purifier is so worth it! We've been getting a lot of smoke from wildfires and this has been helping clear the air in our apartment. I love the app because it tells you the air quality as a number, a color and as "good" "very good" "moderate" etc. Plus it can run on Auto and turn the fan up or down depending on the air quality read it gets.

The day that the smoke was the worst outside I turned on the purifier and at first it read high but only in a few minutes it came down to a "good" level. It truly cuts out the odor of the smoke as well making it easier to breathe inside.

Rafael Teixeira
same to working good

Good air purifier work with apple homekit

filter price to replace each 6-12 month same to cost $$

D. Robinson
Do not hesitate if you have a sore throat

We live in outskirts of Toronto. We both had burning eyes and sore throats. Within hours we were both feeling better. It is so quiet, you dont hear it running. We are so satisfied we ordered a mini that is arriving today for the bedroom. If you are thinking about an air purifier keep Levoit on top of your list, our health is that important , you want something that works for you.