VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
Voice/phone control with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant Large LED screen for fast access to air quality, temperature, and humidity levels Touch-sensitive controls for easy operation
Touch-Sensitive Buttons The PureFlow comes with all the buttons you need to control it, including; On/off, Auto mode, Celcius/Fahrenheit, Fan speed, Night mode, WiFi/Reset, Filter life reset, Timer mode, and Kid lock. All of the buttons are touch-sensitive, so only the lightest of presses is required, which is ideal for the more frail members of the family.
Hands-Free Voice Control As the PureFlow is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, you can use your voice to control many aspects of the device, with Apple's Siri, the Google Assistant, or Alexa. Additional functions are also available via our newly updated VOCOlinc app, including schedules, display brightness and more.
Pre-filter, advanced HEPA filter, and hive pattern activated carbon filter can effectively block the spread of pet hair, dust, smoke, PM2.5, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, fungi, and other substances, and give you more pure air.
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1
VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

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True Class 12 HEPA filter technology> The 3-stage combined filter system consists of a prefilter, an improved HEPA filter, and a honeycomb-activated carbon filter that effectively captures and eliminates impurities. With alerts in the app / on display, you know when the filter needs to be replaced (filter life up to 12 months with 6-7 hours of daily use). Replacement filters are available in a short time.
Very smart> As soon as it connects to the Wi-Fi network, PureFlow is ready to use immediately. Please turn on and off Siri (Apple HomeKit), Alexa, or Google by voice control the PureFlow, increase or decrease the performance or control the air quality (PM2.5), temperature, and humidity in real-time. Use the VOCOLinc app to view air quality, temperature and humidity reports in real time
Highly efficient in large environments> PureFlow removes up to 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 500 m³ / h, it cleans surfaces up to 60 m²
Highly transparent> With the large 5.1-inch LED display, you can easily recognize every value and every notification of PureFlow, even from a certain distance. The LED strip directly below the display uses different colors to show the room's air quality. Excellent (green); good (light green); oc (yellow); low (orange); bad (red)
Comprehensive all-day protection> Dual vent design captures harmful gases and particles from all angles and carries clean air through the top vent. With industry-leading noise isolation technology, the PureFlow keeps the noise level in sleep mode at just 30dB. This quiet operation offers high-quality sleep with clean air. So PureFlow protects day and night from harmful substances.

Keep Your Health in Check

Air pollution is ubiquitous and breaks through our body's defenses, penetrating our respiratory and circulatory systems and damaging our health.

VOCOlinc smart air purifiers give you peace of mind. The all-in-one filter set combines a 3-stage filtration system to remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Improve the air quality in your home and give you a healthy and clean breathing environment.


Highly Smart

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, an operation is hassle-free. Ask Siri (Apple HomeKit), Alexa, or Google to turn PureFlow on/off, increase or decrease the power, or check real-time air quality, temperature and humidity; Use the VOCOlinc app to view real-time air quality, temperature, and humidity reports, choose the a preset mode (Auto/Sleep or enter manual mode to customize the power); set schedules for PureFlow to run at times that are most suitable to you

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Richard Skorupa



VOCOlinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

Thank you for your recognition, and we wish you a sunny mood every day.

Marcus Cruz
A Underrated Smart Home Device!

I started adding smart home devices to Homekit / Google Home about 3 years ago. Until I bought this Purifier, home automation was mostly for fun. I have bad allergies and have a dog, so I was in the market for a decent Hepa Air purifier after my old one just wasn’t big enough for my new house. At first, paying a premium for the Homekit functionality didn’t seem to make sense, but after several months, it’s become the most useful Homekit device I have. This purifier can do a 100 different things, I’ve never had a device like it! It can double as a smoke or gas detector, a hydrometer alert system, a temperature alert system, and of course an air purifier. I live in South Texas in a 100 year old house. My most useful automation is triggering my dehumidifier to turn on when my house starts to get ridiculously humid. It can feel like 80 degrees inside my home even though it’s 71 degrees due to the humidity. This causes a lot of problems while working from home, especially with electricity prices so high during the day. When the PureFlow Purifier detects humidity at an acceptable level it triggers the humidifier (smart plug) to turn off. I know this seems like a simple thing, but now the temperature can be set to 78 degrees during the day and still feel comfortable. We saved a noticeable amount of money immediately. This enabled us to use the eco settings on our thermostat, literally saving us hundreds of dollars during the summer, and it’s great for A/C maintenance too. Homekit also allows me to set schedules and automations so that we don’t go through filters too fast. PureFlow Air Purifier worked so well for us that we added one to our Airbnb that we host, saving us more energy and maintenance costs… with 110 degree heat, A/C costs were killing us. There are a lot of useful and creative automations for personal and Airbnb use. You can set this up with a HomePod, smart lights and/ or a smart phone to alert you when there’s smoke or gas or a elevated amount of allergens in the air.

At our Airbnb, our cleaner accidentally left the gas stove on. I was alerted to the problem within a few hours! (This incident is what prompted me to write this review). If I had a guest walk in our rental and it reeked of gas… that’s an automatic refund and probably a bad review. It’s also good to know I’ll be alerted if a guest accidentally does the same thing. It detects smoke as well, so if a fire breaks out, I’ll know pretty quickly, as would our guests when all our house speakers Beep at full volume and the lights turn red. Another automation we set up for our Airbnb is when it detects temperatures going above 78 degrees in our entertainment room, the blinds close and ceiling fans come on, helping our central AC unit hold lower temperatures longer, also potentially helping us with reviews and energy costs. It’s a great alternative to buying a dedicated Homekit sensor. Oh it’s also a great as a stand alone purifier as well. Both our houses are about 1500 sq feet, with both living spaces being about 650 sq ft. It can quickly get allergens and odors out of our bedrooms and is surprisingly effective in our open concept kitchen and dining area for both properties. It makes our rental and our home just feel much cleaner.

Pureflow Air purifier is perfect for older houses, Airbnb rentals and pet owners. The filters are kind of expensive, but they are high quality and so far have lasted an average of about 6 months. I figure Im saving significantly more in energy costs, so it’s definitely worth the premium for the filters. It also looks pretty cool as far as air purifiers go. The display is pretty easy and clear to read. It’s kind of bulky, but it has to be to purify larger spaces. Only real gripe is I do wish I could control the brightness of the display with Homekit. But no big deal, there is a night mode button on the top. Would be great to schedule the brightness down at night though. I also want to say, it’s one of the more reliable Homekit devices I have. It responds instantly to commands via HomePod and never misses automations. If you’re on the fence because of the higher than average cost, I hope this changed your mind! The features are worth it for people that are getting into Homekit or Google Home, it’s basically 4 useful smart home devices in one package! If you own an Airbnb in South Texas, this is a no brainer. Super underrated product in my opinion!

Thank you very much for your trust and support. We have carefully read your evaluation, and it is our biggest motivation that customers can recognize our products. We will continue to work hard to develop better quality products. Let customers buy with confidence and use with peace of mind!

Seer of Light
Excellent purifier! Consistent connection and love the integration and app

Very cool HomeKit integration. You can ask Siri about air quality, humidity and all shows as a sensor in Home app. The app is also fantastic, offers control of ALL functions (sleep / night mode, current status, ug /m3 of VOCs, timer, etc.)


we got the air purifier. I hope this help.