VOCOlinc Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml Aromatherapy Diffusers & Cool-Mist Humidifier for Home Works with Apple HomeKit & Alexa & Google Voice Control & Create Schedules & RGB Light
[Ensure Your Safety and Satisfaction] This aromatherapy diffuser is made of BPA-free material, which is safe for you or your family. We hope you can read the manual carefully so you can use this diffuser quickly. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us, we are at your service 24 hours a day!
VOCOlinc FlowerBud Smart Diffuser - FLB
VOCOlinc FlowerBud Smart Diffuser - FLB
This aromatherapy diffuser is made of BPA-free material, which is safe for you or your family. We hope you can read the manual carefully so you can use this diffuser quickly. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us, we are at your service 24 hours a day!

VOCOlinc FlowerBud Smart Diffuser - FLB

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【Smart Aroma Diffuser for Oils】Vocolinc aromatherapy diffuser works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Directly control the haze, RGB light color, brightness, and other functions of the diffuser with simple voice commands. (e.g., "Hey Siri, turn on the diffuser") Free your hands and enjoy a smart life.
【Ultrasonic Silent Diffuser/Humidifier】 2 spray modes and 5 adjustable speeds. Diffusers use ultrasonic technology to evaporate water and oil molecules into the air instantly. The 300ml water tank runs continuously for up to 6-12 hours at night. The Smart Aroma Diffuser has a built-in humidity sensor that uses the Target Humidity feature to stabilize your desired humidity level.
【Scent Diffuser with Night Lights】VOCOlinc essential oil diffuser has 16 million colors. You can set a fixed color or let the color cycle automatically, and apply your favorite light effect as a sleep night light to adjust the sleeping atmosphere. A diffuser/humidifier Oils can help humidify your living space and moisturize dry skin.
【Smart APP and Remote Access】With VOCOlinc APP, you can unlock more interesting and practical functions to personalize your smart WiFi diffuser further. Control all functions of the smart diffuser anytime, anywhere. You can also set a schedule to automatically turn the essential oil diffuser on and off at specific times, creating the perfect atmosphere before your appointment or work.
【Ensure Your Safety and Satisfaction】Made of premium PP/ABS material blend, this essential oil diffuser is stylish, sturdy, BPA-free, and safe for babies and pregnant women. It also has waterless auto-off and timer features.
【3 in 1 Diffuser & Flower Bud Design】VOCOlinc ultrasonic smart aroma diffuser can be used as a humidifier, RGB night light, and unique bud design, which is the perfect gift for family and friends. The elegant and refreshing decoration is ideal for aromatherapy and air humidification in your bedroom, yoga room, hotel room, office, etc.


Voice Control

Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Enjoy a hands-free and responsive connected home control experience right out of the box. Through simply using vocal commands, your choice of voice assistant will switch on/off, adjust mist level, light colors and brightness.

Customer Reviews

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Cristobal Colon Plens
Sin recibir

Ha fecha de hoy todavía no lo he recibido, no puedo opinar

Christopher Garbani
Floer Bud Flow Works ver well.

Works very well with Apple Home. Great for my plants. :-)

Jim K
VOCOlinc wireless WiFi diffuser - endless personal settings to suit your needs!

This is an easy to use diffuser that integrates flawlessly into HomeKit. It will send a notification when its low / out of water. 16 million colors along with timer and scent levels makes this an infinite accessory for your hone

Cool HomeKit smart device

TL;DR - Cool HomeKit diffuser - a full featured smart device!

I never really contemplated needing a smart diffuser - but I was so pleased with my other VOCOlinc purchases that I decided to give this a try. I am pleasantly surprised that this smart diffuser has motivated me to more frequently diffuse essential oils. My other diffuser is a VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser , and I have to admit, at half the price, they both do essentially the same job.

However, where that diffuser falls short (frustrating light selection and time selection), the VOCOlinc shines!

Not only are you able to select virtually any color from VOCOlincs LinkWise app, but you also can do so from Apples iOS Home app (HomeKit). This device is basically viewed in iOS HomeKit as two devices: 1) a full spectrum dimmable light, 2) a humidifier. The humidifier controls the diffuser action and monitors humidity as well. As a result, you can either select the diffuser to be on/off or you can set a relative humidity level for automatic control. In either case, the diffuser runs until it consumes all the water/oil solution. This also monitors room humidity even when it is not running, and that is displayed in the Home status

In addition to the above mentioned features, from VOCOlincs LinkWise app you can set a timer (0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 hrs), control the intensity of the diffuser and update the firmware when necessary. Note: target humidity in LinkWise app is buried in the Settings tab - not where I expected to find it.

One thing that is pretty cool about the LinkWise app (for all smart VOCOlinc products) is the ability to set timers for the device (both on and off) including one-time only timers for non recurring events.

A few things that could be improved are:
1) The color of the light; the color displayed on the LinkWise app or Home app is significantly different than the actual color. It mostly affects the colors close to white, and I assume this can be fixed with a software update.
2) It is really challenging to remove the top (cover) because of its shape and the material is really slippery.
3) Two of the rubber feet fell off during transit (see picture) - not a huge deal as I was able to re-insert them into the slots but it gives the impression of a quality concern.
4) While the instructions explicitly state that the cover must be aligned such that the VOCOlinc logo is aligned with the buttons, there is nothing that actually forces this alignment. Therefore, it is wholly possible that I will mistakenly place the cover on inaccurately; frankly it doesnt appear to matter but the instructions do specifically state the alignment. It is not clear if this will cause any issue.
5) I wish there were better cable management. There is no route for the cable to exit the rear of the diffuser and the ferrite (magnet) on the cable is so close to the diffuser end that it is hard to hide it without placing the diffuser really close to the wall.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anybody in the HomeKit ecosystem who owns a diffuser!!

Diane R. Jasso
Great Gift

My husband got this for me for Christmas and I love it. I love controlling it with my app, which is very easy to use. Sometimes I just turn on light without the scent because its just so cute. Perfect size and very easy to understand how to use.